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All virus-fighting and no snark makes Tubey a dull boy.

Mar 8

Anonymous said: No sign of the latest "Amazing Race" recap - and I can't access the recaplet from the main site, either. :(

Here’s the recaplet:

The recap will be up later this afternoon, sorry for the delay! 

Mar 7

American Idol 12x16 “Las Vegas Round 2” Weecap

When the guys get their first chance to sing for votes, things go a little Askew.

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Survivor 26x4 “Kill Or Be Killed” Recaplet

A medical evacuation causes one tribe to rethink their strategy.

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The Americans 1x6 “Trust Me” Recaplet

The Jenningses are abducted and interrogated. Stan has to think quickly to keep Nina from being tagged as the mole. The Zodiac killer brings Paige and Henry to feed the ducks.

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Feb 19

Anonymous said: Are the recaps for The Following still missing or am I looking in the wrong place?

We’re working on restoring them, hopefully they’ll be back soon!

Feb 15

Our site is up and running again.

Recaps are being restored. Thanks!

Feb 14

We’re restoring last week’s Pretty Little Liars weecap, and Jacob is currently working on this week’s. Stay tuned, and thanks for the feeback!

Feb 13

The Vampire Diaries 4x13 “Into The Wild” Recap

Shane takes the Fellowship of the Falls camping on an island 200 miles off the coast of Nova Scotia. In the winter. They don’t die from exposure, but arguably, they should.

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The Carrie Diaries 1x5 “Dangerous Territory” Weecap

Carrie is invited to a Soiree for Rich People and struggles to fit in as her friends and father struggle to move forward.

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