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Feb 13

Justified 4x6 “Foot Chase” Recaplet

That’s what Boyd puts forth to Ava, and it’s surprisingly romantic.

Boyd and Colton are combing Clover Hill trying to find anyone who might secretly be Drew Thompson. Ava wants to see if Judge Executive Furry will help them, while Johnny wonders how Boyd can be so sure that Wynn will honor his end of the bargain. Boyd dismisses the latter concern, but Ava prevails upon him to go with her plan of blackmailing Judge Executive Furry to get them invited to a swinger party hosted by the former Sheriff Napier. We don’t get that far this episode, but what does happen is that Ava confesses to Boyd that Ellen May’s death is tearing her apart and tells him she needs to know where they’re headed for her to stay loyal to him. In response, Boyd takes her to a Harlan hilltop and tells her stories and dreams from his childhood before handing over the cash we saw him storing away in his ceiling and telling her it’s for a down payment on a house, wherever she wants. Oh, and there’s an engagement ring in there too, so we’ve got a Harlan wedding to look forward to. The big question is what the ratio of guests to metal detectors will be.

Colton’s going off the rails, smoking heroin and smacking whores around in an effort to find Ellen May, and when Tim, visiting a former military buddy who used to be a druggie but is now clean, runs into Colton again, Tim’s friend pegs Colton as a user. When Johnny sees what Colton did to this one girl’s face, he insists she tell him who’s responsible, but with Colton having threatened to do something to her tongue that would make her eligible for the lead role in a remake of The Piano, she lies and fingers one of her regular clients. Colton and Johnny pay him a visit, and Colton ends up beating the crap out of the guy for a crime he himself committed; also, even though he does so on Johnny’s order, Johnny seems to note that he takes things a little too far. And I thought heroin sapped your energy?

Josiah’s stunt from last week leads to some delicious foot puns, courtesy of Art, and Raylan pursuing his hobbled quarry and finding a telltale walking-boot print leads to him and Shelby, of all people, teaming up to track down Roz once again. Turns out it wasn’t Josiah’s idea to lose his foot; instead, two men relieved him of it, and would you like to know the reason? It’s because they think Josiah is Drew Thompson. Raylan does not let on the significance of this discovery to Shelby, but if there’s anything last week taught us, it’s that Shelby isn’t to be underestimated, and he convincingly makes the case to Raylan that he’s not in Boyd’s pocket like Raylan thinks (at least partially true) and that he cares most about the law (we’ll see about that one). But he certainly makes the whole thing look good by arresting Boyd and bringing him to talk to Raylan. The best part is he basically accuses him of killing Ellen May when he knows she’s safe at his house, but Boyd is still too pro to give up any information without an arrest.

When we join Cairn, he is in a bad way, although he also proves he is one tough mofo; we also learn that Arlo’s and Boyd’s lawyer brokered the kidnapping, but the fact that one of the two men she hired for the job is a complete psycho is destabilizing her ability to control the situation. The psycho decides to stop Josiah’s bleeding by cauterizing his wound with a blowtorch, but while Raylan and Shelby don’t quite get to him in time to prevent that, they do rescue him and take the lawyer and Mutt and Jeff into custody. Josiah then tells them he tried to get Raylan out of the way so he could track Thompson down himself and hopefully use him as a bargaining chip to get rid of his tether. When asked how he planned to do that, Josiah tells them there’s a former lawman in Harlan who would know where Thompson is — Hunter Mosley, who tried to have Raylan killed back in Season One. So we don’t get either reunion with a former Harlan sheriff just yet, but damn if I’m not on the edge of my seat for next week already. Also, it looks like Raylan and Shelby might stay teamed up, and I wouldn’t have imagined that pairing, but I sure do like it.

— Couch Baron